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2008 - Who is your God?

Speaker Lesley Ramsay, Senior Women’s Evangelist for Evangelism Ministries (a ministry of the Anglican Church in Sydney)

Lesley spoke on Joshua 1-6.

Seminars A Passion for People (Sam Fairhall), Kids don't come with an instruction manual - or do they? (Janelle Walker), Affluenza, the plague of the western world (Jill Horrocks), Reasons for the hope within” (Beck Cop-land), What God Intended (Kelly Landrigan), The best book to read is the bible.

Held Saturday 28 June 2008 at Lambton High School, Lambton, NSW

2007 - Strive, Arrive, Survive. Reaching the Goal with Christ


2006 - Living in the Light

Speaker Jenny Salt, Dean of Women at Sydney Missionary and Bible College

Jenny spoke to us about the Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 5 – 7). 

Seminar Topics Anger, Living in the material world, Prayer and Godliness, Sexuality.

Held Saturday 12 August at Lambton High School, Lambton, NSW

2005 - What really pleases God? Worship.

Speaker Carmelina Read, Chatswood Presbyterian Church

Carmelina guided us through the book of Leviticus and helping us to understand what really pleases God as we worship him.

Seminar Topics Exploring Bible Books through Manuscript discovery, Defending the Christian Faith (apologetics), Proclaiming the Gospel to Kids, Sharing Christ with Catholics - Do we need to share the gospel with Catholics?

Held Saturday 4 June 2005 at Lambton High School, Young Road, Lambton

2004 - Trusting the Truth

Speaker Lesley Ramsey, Senior Womens Evangelist for Evangelism Ministries.

What does God have to say about the truth? How does God’s truth affect our leaders, our godliness and our salvation? Talks on Titus as we seek to discover what the truth reveals.

Seminar Topics Loving your husband and children, Woman to Woman ministry, Contentment: is it possible?, Dealing with Depression.

Held Saturday 31 July 2004 at Lambton High School, Young Road, Lambton