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2012 – ‘Bold I Approach’

The Speaker - Kath Hirons

Here are 10 things you should know about Kath…

1. Married to Phill (best decision I ever made)

2. Mother of 3 teenagers (hence the greys)

3. Discovered the joy of grace at Bible College (Thank God)

4. Love to have coffee with friends

5. If you’re not serving chocolate, I doubt I can make it

6. I’ve been reading Hebrews for 18 months

7. I love the women in my Bible Study group

8. I live in Cessnock and I love it

9. I love seeing people understand the Bible for the first time

10. I still have no plans to be a missionary in Africa

Talk 1
Talk 1
Kath Hirons (Women of Truth 2012)

Talk 2

Talk 2
Kath Hirons (Women of Truth)

Talk 3
Talk 3
Kath Hirons (Women of Truth 2012)

The Seminars

Approaching God in Prayer

Mavis Hudson

Central Coast Evangelical Church

“Let us then approach the throne of Grace with confidence, so that we may receive mercy and find grace to help us in our time of need.” Hebrews 4:16

We will be exploring Prayer together… truths about prayer, tips for praying and enjoying speaking to our Great God.

Approaching Mission


Isabella and her family are about to head out on the mission field. Join her to think about mission, hear how she and her family are feeling about what lies ahead, how they got to this point and the ministry they will be involved in.

Spend time praying for this family a month before they head overseas.


Laura Graham

Grace Evangelical Church

Contentment is one of those areas of Godliness that most women struggle with. Whether it be related to money, relationships, how we view ourselves or our work – how do we find contentment? How can we live out the truth that ‘God is enough’?


Cath Young


“Forgive as the Lord Jesus forgave you” – they are difficult words aren’t they? What is forgiveness? How do we practice forgiveness? Can we forgive when there is no repentance? Join with Cathy to explore how we can have a forgiving heart.

Singleness and the Church

Gill Hann

Islington Baptist Church

Our churches can often care so well for the typical families in our churches and at the expense of caring for the single women. Women may be single due to divorce, being widowed or never having been married all face different challenges within the church. Join with Gill to explore what the bible says to the church regarding singleness. Be challenged about how YOU can care better for the single in your church.

Where it was held

Maitland Christian School

83 – 85 Chelmsford Drive Metford