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2016 Talks : Sue Harringon "Joy in Jesus"

Sue became a Christian a week before starting Adelaide University and has never recovered! She continues to be amazed at God's grace and kindness and wants others to know Him. She is married to Paul, all her children are married and she and Paul now have one gorgeous granddaughter. She loves meeting up with women, teaching the Bible, speaking evangelistically and having many people in their home. Sue has a legal background and in 2016 lead Women of Truth through the Letter to the Philippians - a great book of joy and hope!

To listen to Sue's 2016 talks, click the audio links below.

2016 Sessions

Talk 1 : "Joy as you put Jesus first"


Talk 2 : Joy as you follow / lead others in living for Jesus"


Talk 3 : "Joy as you stand firm and press on in Jesus"


2016 Photo Gallery : Metford Community Baptist Church