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Elective Seminars

Electives are brought to you from the Gospel Society and Culture:

1. Beginning of life issues - with Joanna Barlow 
2. Sexualisation - with Kamal Weerakoon
3. Worldviews / Engaging with our culture - with Sheryl Sarkoezy

Beginning of life issues

Joanna Barlow

Joanna is a psychiatrist who works in private practice. She coordinates music and pastoral care at her church and teaches a women’s Bible Study Fellowship class. 

She is married with two adult sons and in her spare time is a music theory and Thermomix nerd!

She will be chatting through the issues that are faced at the beginning of life including Reproductive technologies and abortion.


Kamal Weerakoon

We live in a sex-obsessed, sex-saturated, sexually indulgent culture. How do we think of ourselves, and conduct ourselves, as sexual beings, in a wholesome, healthy way? How do we encourage people around us to think and act in wholesome ways? And how do we do that without making people think we're boring, repressed, depressed killjoys who only get off on making everyone around us miserable? 

Come hear Kamal Weerakoon - Presbyterian minister, Sri Lankan migrant, former State Moderator, who describes himself as the most sexually satisfied middle-aged never-married virgin in the country - on living lives of sexual integrity.

Worldviews / Engaging with our culture

Sheryl Sarkoezy

When we understand the worldviews of our friends, we can find new ways of presenting the good news of Jesus to them. Sheryl will walk us through some of the worldviews that our friends might hold, and get us thinking about how to turn conversations toward a Christian worldview and the Lord Jesus.